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Our Core Fixed Fee Recruitment Service

Our core recruitment service saves 60% compared to traditional recruitment fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Flat Fee Recruitment

In the last 10 years, the recruitment industry has benefitted from the introduction of technology that increases the speed, efficiency and ease of recruitment. However, in the case of recruitment agency commission fees based on salary package, the cost-saving benefits do not seem to have filtered down to the employer. Flat fee recruitment helps employers to reduce the cost of hiring without compromising on candidate quality by offering low-cost, fixed-price recruitment packages. Compared to traditional recruitment methods, flat fee recruitment is at least 60% cheaper.

Average time-to-fill a vacancy?

Ads run for 30 days. It typically takes between 21 to 28 business days to fill a role, from the day we start working on your vacancy.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the level of support you require from us. But our core service, which includes advertising your vacancy, screening & ranking candidates and interview scheduling is delivered for a flat fee of $2750. Some of our clients have limited time, limited resources or limited expertise when it comes to recruiting staff, so they ask us to manage the whole recruitment process for them. In which case we charge for the (optional) additional services we can deliver. For transparency, we provide a quote for your approval before we proceed.

Does the flat fee include advertising costs?

Advertising costs are additional and quoted in full prior to us undertaking the assignment. Depending on the role, advertising costs and media strategies can vary. Historically, we have been one of the largest buyers of recruitment advertising in Australia and we are experts in traditional and programmatic media buying to deliver the best deals for our clients.

In which market sectors do you specialise?

We attract, select and hire junior to mid level professionals for roles within internal marketing departments, agencies and media channels. We also provide support staff to organisations who operate in these sectors. Our specialist focus across creative, digital and marketing fields combined with our unique unbundled service approach, makes us unique in the marketplace.

How do you screen and rank candidates?

When responding to a job ad, we can screen job seekers with an online form, comprising personality, skills & compliance based questions. Where requested, and incurring additional fees, we can rank candidates based on their suitability for the role.

Can you help us with the interview process?

Yes, we can conduct phone, video or face to face interviews on your behalf. Or we can support your internal interview process by writing interview questions, sitting in on interviews and acting as a sounding board. Check out this website for a full overview of our creative and recruitment capabilities.

What if the candidate leaves with 3 months of being hired?

We understand that even after looking great on a CV, and sounding great in an interview, sometimes, things just don’t work out after a candidate starts working for their new employer. As every situation is different, we will discuss this with you during the initial consultantion, and before any formal agreements are made. We are always fair in making sure everybody is happy, It’s one of the reasons 80% of our business is repeat business!

How do you deal with unsuccessful applicants

Our aim is to make sure that every candidate (successful or not) has a positive experience using our recruitment service, and so we endeavour to keep candidates informed about the status of their application throughout the recruitment process. Candidates who have not been successful will be contacted by email, and given feedback and advice where appropriate.

What payment methods are offered?

At the commencement of an assignment, we ask you to pay the quoted advertising costs in full. Once you have found the ideal candidate and they have commenced in the role, we will email you an invoice for our flat fee, plus any optional extras if applicable. Payment can be made online via bank transfer, credit card (via our electronic payment gateway) or cheque. We also provide our clients with the flexibility to pay for our flat fee recruitment services over six equal monthly instalments via direct debit.

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