14 Jun, 2023

by Team Taykon

Decoding EVP: A Bite-sized Overview for Winning Top Talent

Developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) involves a strategic process aimed at defining and communicating the unique benefits and value that your organisation offers to its employees. Here’s a general outline of the process:


Research and analysis:

    • Understand your organisation’s mission, vision, and culture: Determine what sets your organisation apart and its desired future state.
    • Conduct employee surveys and focus groups: Gather feedback from current employees to understand their needs, motivations, and expectations.
    • Analyse industry and competitor EVPs: Identify how other companies in your industry are positioning their EVPs and what makes them attractive.


Identify key employee segments:

    • Categorise your employees based on roles, levels, or other relevant criteria.
    • Recognise their different needs, aspirations, and values within each segment.


Define your EVP components:

    • Remuneration and benefits: Determine how your organisation will offer competitive salaries, bonuses, healthcare, retirement plans, and other benefits.
    • Career development and growth opportunities: Outline how you will support employee learning, skill development, promotions, and advancement.
    • Work-life balance and flexibility: Establish policies that promote work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, and supportive workplace culture.
    • Culture and values: Articulate your organisation’s core values, company culture, and the ways in which it fosters a positive and inclusive work environment.
    • Recognition and rewards: Design programmes that recognise and reward employee performance, achievements, and contributions.
    • Unique perks or offerings: Identify any distinctive benefits or perks your organisation provides that differentiate it from competitors.


Craft the EVP messaging:

    • Develop a compelling and concise EVP statement that captures the essence of your organisation’s value proposition to employees.
    • Ensure that the messaging aligns with your employer brand and resonates with your target employee segments.
    • Use clear and authentic language that reflects your organisation’s values and culture.


Test and validate:

    • Share the EVP with a sample group of employees and collect their feedback.
    • Refine the EVP based on input and ensure it is meaningful and compelling to your target audience.


Communicate and integrate:

    • Launch a comprehensive internal communication campaign to introduce the EVP to employees.
    • Integrate the EVP into recruitment materials, job descriptions, career websites, and other relevant touchpoints.
    • Continuously reinforce and evaluate the EVP to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with evolving employee needs.


Remember that developing an EVP is an ongoing process. It should be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the organisation, industry, and employee expectations.
Ask the AdEnergy EB Team to help decode your organisation’s EVP.

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